PSP Go and the OSSC (psone classics in 240p)


The psp go is now my go to machine when it comes to  psone classics. The small size, the ability to connect a dual shock 3, 240p output and the fact that I can store games on either  the internal memory or a memory stick, makes it the perfect micro console.

Here is my set up. 

-psp go ( with optional custom firmware )

-psp go component cable

-dual shock 3 controller

-psp go cradle (optional) 



First  connect the handheld to the ossc using the component cable, set the output resolution on the console to 480i and enable the tv out mode (connect display settings > switch video output)

Switch on the ossc and set it to AV2 yPbPr. If everything is connected properly you should see the psp interface on your hdtv

Now run one of your psone classics and see how it looks...  pretty nice right?  especially if you are using scanlines the image will be pretty sharp. Talking about scanlines, I do think all 240p games are meant to be enjoyed with scanlines so I would not even bother turning them off. 

Psone classics run at full screen and do look great on my hdtv. Before trying this myself I was under the impression  the psp go tv out was windowed and that you would need a proper upscaler (like the framemeister) in order to get full screen out of it. This is only true when it comes to psp games but it does not affect psone classics.  

I've mentioned the cradle and the custom firmware as optionals but I would recommend getting them both if you want to have the best possible experience.

CFW is nice since it will allow you to play psone classics from any region and many games that are not sold on PSN.  (on this note I would avoid PAL if you can since they run slower than ntsc)

The cradle instead will let you charge the console while you are using the TV out mode. This doesn't sound like a big deal but I've noticed the battery doesn't last very long when I use the console this way

On the left I've added a few pictures I've taken. The quality is not great but I guess You'll get the idea.

I hope you will find this simple explanation useful if you, like me, are interested in adding a psone classics micro console to your collection